Child’s Play

As part of the launch strategy for their new vegan cereal, Kellogg’s recently launched “The Kids Café,” a pop-up experience that puts kids in charge of running the café, including decorating the shop. LEGO is another brand encouraging creative expression among kids with their new DOTS line which consists of colorful, 2D-esque tiles that let kids create accessories and decorate their room. DOTS was born as a result of a global survey that indicated kids were looking for more personalized forms of play.

The total spending power of UK children is £7.79m per year and 53% of youngsters own a mobile phone by around the age of seven. Offering children creative outlets away from screens speaks to the increasing appeal—and need—of today’s experiential activities, providing brands a huge opportunity to win through experiences that can be enjoyed individually and as a family.

Whilst unique tactical strategies and activations such as those deployed by Kellogg’s and LEGO might be considered relatively short-term, it is clear that they have their eyes on kids’ future spending potential.  They know that the price of creating brand affinity at an early age is invaluable for the longevity of their brands.

Contributed by: Laurence Poichot, Strategy Director, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash