Chewing Gum: From Impulse Item To Oral Care

We all know chewing gum as an impulse item—inexpensive and positioned right at the cash register in supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, and drugstores.And since Wrigley’s has launched its Extra Professional line, we all learned that consumers are willing to spend even more on a chewing gum that offers more benefits than just being sugar-free and promoting fresh breath.

The medically oriented benefit of cleaning teeth, boosting re-mineralization of dental enamel, and reducing the risk of cavities has moved the brand closer to oral care, which is where a German drugstore chain (Budnikowsky) placed the main Wrigley’s Extra Professional SKUs on shelf—right next to higher-priced toothpastes.

So the brand speaks to shoppers who take their oral care seriously and shows them that there is a product for when they are not able to brush their teeth after a meal. It represents a smart way of getting nonusers to try a product they might not have noticed it it got lost between flavored gums, sugar-free gums, chocolate bars, and candy at the regular impulse-item spot.

The oral-care segment and shelf space has been growing in Germany recently because consumers become more health-conscious and are more interested in oral care due to high self-coverage costs of medical care—Wrigley’s and Budnikowsky are taking advantage of it.

Contributed ByClarissa Dolff, Hamburg