Challenge The Status Quo: Be a Pirate

You want something — you take it. You don’t like something — you change it. Because that’s what pirates do.

September 19 is national Talk Like a Pirate Day. In honor of this oh-so honorable holiday, we thought we’d take over the Pulse and challenge the status quo. After all, some things can’t get better if you don’t blow them up (figuratively speaking only — no cannonballs, please).

Sometimes, acting like a pirate allows you to break out of the everyday and do something radically different. At Integer, we find it useful to invite our clients to “piratize” certain projects. Why? It removes the rules that sometimes limit risks and rewards you with the freedom to learn, to iterate, to innovate. And, surprisingly, they ARRR more willing than you think. So shiver me timbers and grab some grog, here are some ideas on how you can seize the day, save the ship and steer your creative in a new direction.

In this month’s Issue:

  1. Pillage and & Plunder
  2. Scavenger Hunt
  3. Shake Yer Booty