Celebrities Shine a Spotlight on Back-to-School Shopping Realities

This year, each back-to-school shopping household is expected to spend $685. While back-to-school shopping often evokes a lot of excitement, it can also evoke a lot of financial stress because many families face difficulties getting the supplies and support they need for their children.

LeBron James helped shed light on this issue this week when he announced the opening of the I Promise School designed to “help some of Akron’s most challenged students with education and support.” And last year, Chance the Rapper made headlines when he donated to Chicago Public Schools.

Their celebrity status is helping raise awareness about the financial difficulties that schools and families face during this shopping season, but could it also impact shopper behavior?

With this news top of mind, will shoppers look for ways to buy a little more to give to under-supported schools or students? Are there immediate marketing efforts brands and retailers can do in light of LeBron James’ announcement? Or does this annual celebrity trend present opportunities for brands and retailers to create more charitable focused back-to-school promotions?

Contributed by: Kira Walstrom, Integer Denver

Image Source: Unsplash