Case Study: Starbucks Cold Brew Boom

How cold brew got hot


The COVID-19 pandemic may have shut down Starbucks® cafés, but it couldn’t touch consumers’ thirst for cold brew. Fortunately, a new summer product launch was in the works, ready to step up with a refreshing way for fans to experience Starbucks® Cold Brew at home.


Starbucks fans love that authentic cold brew taste and getting it customized just how they like it at the café. So, we inspired them to easily create and personalize the Starbucks® Cold Brew they love at home. With smart targeting and a spotlight on ease and personalization, news quickly spread with awareness-earning OLV and print. Digital display targeted cold brew lovers with how-to messaging. And social media delivered refreshing summer vibes—a much-needed reprieve from pandemic-focused newsfeeds. 

Commerce-driving results

Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrates proved to be red hot, capturing lost café share and securing the #1 dollar share of cold brew throughout the summer. 

Grew Starbucks dollar share of the in-aisle cold brew category from 8% to 37%

Grew total at-home non-refrigerated cold brew category +31% vs. 2019 

96% positive sentiment across social channels

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