Can Veg-heads Have Food Fun on the 4th?

In recent years, the plant-based alternative meat trend had transformed from a fad to a true cultural shift. About 30% of American consumers are reducing meat consumption and 32% claim to be flexitarian or adopting a predominantly vegetarian diet. The food chain of success that the plant-based alternative meat industry is currently experiencing started with a handful of brands responding to consumers’ growing desire to eat less meat due to environmental, health and animal rights concerns. Brands began experimenting to meet the meat-less demand, which lead to over $16 billion invested in the industry. Today, restaurants from fast-food to five-star have begun to incorporate meat alternative meals on their menus with great success. For example, Burger King relished in an 18% traffic boost after introducing the Impossible Whopper while the Beyond Meat Company’s net sales are soaring to $40.2 million, a 215% increase from last year. 

Meat alternative options range from burgers to deli meat, and hot dogs to ground “beef.” They taste delicious, are easy to cook, and have received a stamp of approval from some famous chefs. Brands and retailers can tap into these consumers changing desires this 4th of July by incorporating more plant-based products and deals into their 4th of July displays and circulars, etc. The new frontier for food can be confusing for consumers, brands and retailers win when they make it easy for consumers to navigate and locate veg-friendly options.  

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Contributed by: Karina Arnold, Account Planner, Integer Denver