Can ‘Uber for things’ Change The Courier Business For Good?

Uber is growing by leaps and bounds in more and more cities across the country amongst people who value ease of use and quality of service over cost. Uber has turned the taxi industry upside down and made on demand drivers available to anyone with a smart phone and their app.

They’ve now set their vision to upturning another industry – the courier service. According to a recent Wired article, this push by uberpushes on much more than just the traditional bike messenger business.

With its new courier service, Uber is going after the big boys. With the logistical expertise it has built up over the past four years of perfecting its ride-sharing platform, Uber is sketching the outlines for a challenge to the Amazons, eBays, and Googles of the world, hoping to win a much larger war for same-day delivery.”

Is this a more realistic plan of delivery than drones powered by Amazon? How will this change customer expectations of retailers – from mom and pops to big business?