Buying a Piece of the Royal Wedding

As the royal wedding nears, fans are not just tuning into the coverage but also looking to own a piece of this cultural moment. Royal wedding souvenir sales for items including mugs and tee shirts are rising because they are an easy way for shoppers to participate in the event. In fact, shoppers have been buying royal wedding memorabilia for decades and in 1993, official souvenirs began being produced by the Royal Collection Trust.

While the retail sector will benefit from these souvenir sales, other sectors are also set to benefit as fans flock to the event in person. Tourism, catering and pubs are also likely to see a burst of sales as fans look to be part of the big event.

It is cultural moments like these that captivate consumers’ hearts and have the power to turn them into shoppers. But it is important for brands and companies to find an authentic and meaningful way to connect with and sell to shoppers. For example, offering items or services that offer access to the experience, capture the memories, or enhance the moment are in the interest of the shopper and likely to be well received. Will you tune in and buy a piece of the royal wedding?

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Integer Denver

Image Source: Royalty Free Shutterstock