Bring the Fish to You

Everyone is nervous for his or her first date with someone new. There’s anxiety, excitement, and lots of unknowns. Frequently, hopeful daters turn to a loved coffee shop for comfort. There are people around, it’s casual, and offers an environment where you can actually hear each other talk. So why not leverage that comfort to bring the fish to you?

Starbucks is doing just that today for Valentine’s Day–a day when everyone is aware of their relationship status. In partnership with, they are inviting everyone to join in the World’s Largest Starbucks Date.

According to Match, 3 million members list “coffee and conversation” as an interest on their profile. Starting today, Match members can now utilize a “Meet at Starbucks function to more easily initiate that first coffee date. Starbucks, known as a place where you can hang out and not be bothered, is enhancing the coffee date experience in honor of the occasion. They will feature special menu pairings with select drinks and snack pairings for $5 to sweeten the deal for those hopeful Matchers looking for connection. With a special menu to bring the fish in, Starbucks is genuinely hoping customers make a match and have a great #Starbucksdate today!

How can other brands authentically bring in the fish and intertwine shopping and dating?

Submitted by: Casey Schoelen, Integer Denver

Photo Source: AdWeek