Breaking the Internet

Recently, a heated debate over the color of a dress nearly broke the internet–and it’s not the first time we have seen social media have such massive cultural impact. It is undeniable that social media has become an tremendous force in all our lives. But many forget that it does not just affect your daily lives and relationships but also your shopping habits.

Part 8 of the study by Integer and the CCRRC titled Untangling the Social Web found that the social web is a grocery shopping tool for one in three (36%) social media users—and that it influences on average 27% of their grocery purchases. While the top ten uses of the social web for grocery shopping are largely focused on finding coupons and recipes, the study explores future possibilities. As people’s use of the social web evolves it will also impact their shopping.

Click here to download Part 8 of the study to learn more about grocery shopping and the social web. Or explore past publications (Parts 1-7) that explore the allure of the social web and how brands can activate proper social media strategies.

Photo Source: CNN Facebook