Brands Use Presidential Election to Spur Shopper Participation

Getting shoppers to buy your goods is one thing. But getting shoppers to participate and engage with your product or brand is another—and as many of us know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools have helped make it easier for shoppers to participate with brand activity. But 7-Eleven has gone back to basics with their recent in store promotion. The convenience chain is leveraging a traditional, participatory element of American culture, the presidential election, to activate shopper participation in store.

The 7-Election is back at 7-Eleven, asking shoppers to “vote” with their coffee cups. Shoppers can choose from Obama blue or Romney red. Purchases are tallied and with the help of The Onion, the 7-Election is
broadcasting their “voting” poll results. To further encourage participation, the chain is holding “cofFREE” day on September 28th. Shoppers can stop by for a free coffee and cast their “vote.”

Other brands including FedEx,Tostitos and Maker’s Mark are tapping into the election as well to pique the interest of shoppers. However, politics is often a sensitive and polarizing topic for Americans. What are your thoughts on using politics to market brands?