Brands Attempt to Alleviate a Laborious Labor Day

This Labor Day, brands and retailers are taking more practical, solution-based approaches that will appeal to shoppers celebrating amidst a pandemic. COVID disrupted budgets, party plans and shopping habits that have influenced how shoppers will celebrate this long weekend. With over 30 million jobs lost in the U.S., and with 66% of Americans worried about COVID, shoppers are looking to spend less and have smaller gatherings. This year, some shoppers are looking for ways to celebrate at home, while others are salvaging the long weekend with road-trip travel plans. Over 78% of Americans are planning a trip of four days or less in the upcoming month. 

The pandemic did not disrupt Labor Day as severely as previous holidays like Easter, Memorial Day or 4th of July. Brands and shoppers alike adopted key learnings from what worked and what didn’t work and are implementing them this holiday. For example, brands saw the most success when they offered at-home solutions and cooking ideas, which complimented the rise of at-home cooking and the influx of outdoor accessory sales. Sam’s Club and Coke leveraged this trend by using digital activity to support Coca-Cola’s “Together Tastes Better” summer campaign by promoting “cooking and catching up” ahead of this Labor Day holiday. P&G appealed to the cash-strapped shopper with their “Celebrate with Savings” coupons and bundle offerings. 

Overall, there are few brand activations for Labor Day, this year and in years past. Most brands are promoting their back-to-school offerings or joining the mounting pumpkin spice chatter, leaving opportunity for brands and retailers to activate against an uncluttered holiday space. 

Image Source: Unsplash

Contributed By: Karina Arnold, Account Planner, Integer Denver