Brands and Retailers Help Shoppers Navigate a Sea of Options

Shoppers are creatures of habit and often default to tried-and-true brands or sale items. However, shopping is not always a simple task as shoppers are encountering more options, product improvements, new variants and more. To help ease the process, shoppers past and present use various in-store cues to simplify navigation and aid their decision process including color, logos, sale tags, packaging, or even location. But despite their efforts, shoppers still find it difficult to locate what they need or understand new offerings.

Many brands and retailers acknowledge the increasing complexities of shopping, and are starting to leverage natural shopper behaviors and desires to provide some assistance. From grocery items to sporting goods, brands and retailers are using color-coding, selection tips, and other simple tactics to help guide and educate shoppers.

Under Armour® has placed point-of-sale signage for their Armour BrasTM lineup. Clear color-coding, in addition to incremental product benefit information (including a small take-home informational booklet), aims to help women make the right choice first rather than face the dressing room.

Similarly, Target® is providing in-aisle tips for items including light bulbs, vacuums, and home decor. While not promoting or marketing a specific brand, the retailer is advising shoppers on category benefits, selection options, and more.

This type of in-store messaging is beneficial for all parties involved. It helps ease the shopping process and allows brands and retailers to be more than marketers. It is allowing them to play a functional role in the shoppers’ journey while also demonstrating their breadth, value, or unique point of difference.