Brand Sensory Experiences

At my local grocer, I found this shelf card with an actual Ziploc bag sample attached to it. The shelf card says “New Smart Zip. Protection you can hear. Try it for yourself.”

We all know how a Ziploc bag works, and I’ve tried the cheaper brands, which don’t seem to work as well. Regardless, I found myself trying the Ziploc sample in the store to see if I could hear the difference.

The book Brand Sense: Sensory Secrets Behind The Stuff We Buy, by Martin Lindstrom, states that brands need to take advantage of all available sensory touch points, find an innovative sensory mind-set that sets it apart from its competitors, and find a way for the consumer to associate these sensory signals with this particular brand.

Ziploc has creatively found a way to do this for a very basic product, and they have focused on two of the sensory points by promoting touch and sound. I got to sample the product in the store, experiencing the Ziploc brand sense.

With five senses to explore, what can you do with your brand to promote its brand sense?

-Contributed by Leslie Young