Brand Inspired Chat Games

Gaming isn’t just confined to the couch and console. The rise of gaming culture and, well, gaming apps has expanded its reach and placed gaming on phones across the globe. Today, gaming is even popping up in new places like chat apps including WeChat and Snapchat—and brands are taking note.

For example, Burberry created a mini-game within WeChat for Chinese Valentine’s Day. Couples could answer a quiz on different types of relationships and upon completing it, were given exclusive access to the brand’s latest collection of valentine’s inspired fashion. This was an engaging, personal and culturally relevant way for Burberry to relay its new line to shoppers. Tic Tac also used gaming to tune shoppers into their new line of Tic Tac gum. To amplify their Chew and Play campaign, they launched a game on Snapchat allowing users to control their avatar by filming themselves chewing (through the Snapchat lens).

Gaming can be an effective way to connect with shoppers. Success seems to come from not only finding relevancy between the brand and the game, but also using existing platforms and user habits to create bespoke entertainment. Exclusive game experiences paired with entertainment is ticking many boxes to capture user’s attention—and with social platform’s increasing ability to directly link to purchase, it can be an effective way for brands to connect with shoppers and drive commerce.

Contributed By: Lukas Quittan, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash