Body Language in Shopping

Neilsen has just released a new consumer insight piece on modes of shopping. Entitled ‘Body language: A study of shopper modality’ it brings together two data sources (Neilsen Scantrack data and some customized research) to identify 4 typologies (or modes) of shopping and the categories where we are to see that behavior most likely occurring. The article attests that the modes create definite ‘body language’ that consumers adopt and that marketers need to read correctly so as to not waste promotional dollars.

I don’t think any of these modes will be a surprise, but Nielsen have given them a neat little moniker that would help us all think about how shoppers are acting when they shop a given category. It also provides some useful insight for the packaged good manufacturer on how they should behave in the category, depending upon their position.

I think the fusion of this kind of data is extremely useful. To understand, from the perspective of past behavior, how a shopper is likely to walk the isle, view the shelf-set and make brand choices provides useful insight into how to engage the consumer most appropriately in-store to build strategies for growth. To do so from a longitudinal data perspective also makes that conversation with brands much simpler.

How we get over the issues of in-store distraction, like this …

we’ve still got to work on.