Black Friday Reinvented

Over the past few years Black Friday has been a topic of debate. Some love it, others boycott it. Though its received some backlash, it still remains one of the biggest spending periods of the year among shoppers. So brands continue to find new ways to work with it.This year, we’re seeing some new approaches to Black Friday that aim to please a wide range of shoppers while also expressing the brands themselves.

Example #1: WALMART

Walmart is using Black Friday to deliver value to their shoppers in more ways than one. The retailer is offering discounts exclusively through it’s mobile app. Providing ease and super deals, the Walmart app is helping shoppers get what they need this year while helping Walmart reinforce its value proposition and advancements in digital.

Example #2: PATAGONIA

For the past several years Patagonia has used Black Friday to make statements about their core values while also helping their shoppers. From the “don’t buy this jacket” ad to Worn Wear programs, they reinventing their approach each year. This year, they are making a strong statement by donating 100% their Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups. After all, if you can’t beat em, join em.

Example #3: BEST BUY

It can be hard to compete during Black Friday when every retailer is trying to offer the lowest price. Best Buy has found a way to navigate this challenge by using the sentiment of scarcity to appeal to early Black Friday shoppers. Employing a “members-only” approach, they are offering door buster savings to only those that are part of their “My Best Rewards” Program.

Image Source: Patagonia Instagram