Big Upside To Gentle Reminders to Pick Healthy Options In Store

Making healthier choices on what to eat can be difficult. Whether you know what is “Better For You” or not, a little helpful reminder in store can go a long way.

At shelf, temptation hits and that can often mean choosing deluxe mac-n-cheese over rice or cookies over raisins. But simple shelf signage can help shoppers make better last minute decisions and avoid the temptation of more indulgent options. A grocery cart study from several years ago found that a simple cart divider that read “place fruits and vegetables in front of this sign, and other groceries behind it,” helped shoppers buy twice as much produce as they typically would.

Signage that cues shoppers to pick healthy options can be especially helpful in food deserts where shoppers are using their local convenience store for groceries. The image to the left features signage from a locally owned convenience store. While the indulgent c-store offerings will always be there, it is encouraging that local stores are helping shoppers make better choices not just through their product assortment but also with in store signage.