Beauty in the Everyday

CPG products are often among the items that consumers use every day. They are the staples, the go-to’s, and the ones that are trusted to make it through the day. However, that often means that when consumers become shoppers, they forget the true value of those products and how they impact their lives. American Standard, a manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, has tapped into this notion with their latest faucet campaign. Faucets are used every day but purchased once in a while. They are expected to work all day, every day. But when shoppers are picking them out, are they thinking about the emotional benefits of a faucet? American Standard is making sure that today, their shoppers will see a faucet beyond it’s tangible form to the emotional benefits shoppers should expect from their faucet. Because it’s not just about dispensing water. In their own words, “At American Standard, we design products with your life in mind…because it’s not enough to look beautiful; it has to work beautifully.”

Image Credit: Media Post