Beauty Education (*Hint: We’re not learning from mom anymore)

Gone are the days of learning our beauty regimens strictly from mom. We may still check out what she uses as a trusted source, but women are finding other ways to learn about the products available to them and which ones they should buy. Top resources for beauty shoppers include friends, experts, social media and trying things for themselves.

In a recent Integer Checkout, we discussed growing experiential trends in the beauty category. Shoppers want to be able to test-drive beauty products before they buy them, and they want somebody there to help them find the right products. Many retailers are rethinking their beauty aisles to cater to these shopper needs. For example, Target has introduced Beauty Consultants that are available to lend a hand in aisle.

Outside of the store, bloggers and vloggers have made names for themselves as Youtube sensations with millions of followers and viewers. Fashionista reports that makeup tutorials are among the most viewed videos on Youtube. An endorsement from one of these gals sends thousands of girls to the stores.

Monthly subscription services like Birchbox and Ipsy are also having a profound effect on the beauty industry. These services allow consumers to receive curated samples of products, but also give them a platform in which to purchase. This gives women a chance to both try new products, but also learn about others they might not have considered.

While only 14% of shoppers are actually purchasing their beauty products online, the digital space is not only transforming the beauty industry, but also the shopper journey. What do you think about these growing resources for beauty shoppers? Which are your favorites?

Conrtibuted By: Kylee Decker, Integer Denver

Photo Source: Loren’s World