“Beauty” Displays: How Can They Tell an Emotional Story?

In store, displays obviously play a fundamental role in “stop-hold-close.” For beauty, displays must do more. They must tell a seductive story to capture the shopper. Beyond the key visual, every element including graphics, materials, shapes and lighting are carefully thought out and combined to express the brand territory and personality. “God is in the detail” could be the mantra of any shopper marketer or designer when they conceive a display for Beauty brands.

On the “I love Dior” display, for example, the use of the black and gold colors, the subtle mix of sophisticated materials, the reinterpretation of the key visual with the curved shape and the glorification of the product by using a mirror, all contribute to building a story of absolute, sensual, and triumphant femininity with of course, a touch of luxurious and glamorous sophistication.

Kenzo Madly builds a story of ethereal and natural beauty for young women by glorifying the blue and the butterfly’s icons and applying them systematically on every retail tool to leave an unforgettable impression in shoppers’ minds.

Givenchy communicates the benefit of the hydra sparkling formula by immersing the consumer into a world of bubbles, water, light and transparency.

Implications:In store, beauty brands think brand story and brand experience. Their displays and retail tools are each built like a story for which emotional and sensorial triggers are key. For a beauty brand, the challenges are: beyond the key visual, how do we tell the story? How can we leverage the design to be more emotional and stimulate shoppers’ senses?When promoting multiple brands or products, how do we build a compelling story?

Photo source :http://luxemode.over-blog.com