Be Good To People

In April 2009, we made a presentation at the In-Store Marketing Institute’s Summit on the convergence of the retail and digital spaces. In that presentation, we made an assertion, based on the research we conduct every month on changing shopping behaviors in the U.S., that we are living in an age of conscious consumption. Conspicuous consumption is dead.

So it was interesting to see this business at a farmer’s market a couple of weekends ago.

Be good to people is a small business with a big purpose. They are trying to create a movement that will make the world a better place. And it all starts with shopping or, more specifically, the purchase of apparel and lifestyle accessories that carry the mission of the business. As the company’s Web site says:

It’s performing simple acts of kindness, and recognizing others for their “Good.”
It’s a renewed feeling of hope, relief from today’s negative news.
It’s joy in simple things. Returning to basic, core values.
It’s communicating a shared belief, like-minded people spreading a positive message.
It’s a movement.
Changing the world, one person, one kind act, at a time.
The idea is simple.
It’s black and white.

When you buy something from them, 5% of that money goes to their People Being Good to People Fund. From this fund they recognize and reward people who do good and are good to others all over the world.


Perhaps this it is the merging of conscious and conspicuous consumption – telling the world how great you are through your shopping behavior. While the notion of using your purchasing power to do good (such as productRED™) is nothing new, this is such a simple humanistic message, a reminder to us all of basic values we should all uphold everyday, that it has the potential to be very successful. It’s a great conversation-starter and a philosophy that, I hope, has few detractors.

So sign up with them on their facebook group, pick something up, and see where that coversation takes you.