Automated Engagement

Dr. Scholl’s® has developed a Custom-Fit Orthotics kiosk. This particular display is in Walmart.

The kiosk evaluates a consumer’s arch, pressure points, and foot size using Dr. Scholl’s new Footmapping Technology. To activate the kiosk, the consumer steps onto the display and 2,000 pressure sensors then analyze both feet in just seconds. You immediately see the results on the display screen. Dr. Scholl’s then suggests the Dr. Scholl’s orthotics specific to your need. The kiosk also acts as a display, holding all of the various products it recommends.

With a quick and easy way to evaluate foot pressure, this kiosk helps consumers understand what product they need from an array of choices. Helping consumers understand what they really need, by seeing their own evaluation, leaves little room for guessing, and, most likely, a sale.

As discussed in an earlier post on Shopper Culture, Please.Touch., experience with a product at retail is key in influencing a purchase decision. The Dr. Scholl’s kiosk not only invites consumers to interact with the product/brand, but it also serves as a powerful education tool. With tens of thousands of products on shelf at most retailers, store associates can’t be specialists with every product, so being able to sell in a tool like this is a major win. Even if it’s not quite to this scale, brands should begin to explore how consumers can interact and experience their products at shelf.

– Contributed By Leslie Young