Augmented Reality is Coming to a Store Near You

Generation X may be less distinct from other generations, but the recent influx of 80’s and 90’s entertainment experiences that shaped Gen X are back, remixed, and impossible to ignore. These updated entertainment experiences mean new generations are experiencing the original story for the first time, and other generations are feeling the nostalgia of their youth. In any case, Americans seem to be eating it up.

To examples of Gen X remixes are Ghostbusters with an all female last, and Pokémon GO using Augmented Reality (or AR).

While it remains to be seen how Ghostbusters will fare when it releases in the U.S. later this week, Pokemon Go has been an instant viral phenomenon in less than a week’s time. The game mixes nostalgia of the ‘90’s Pokemon with technology of today by using AR, as players go to real-world locations to find Pokemon and collect things.

The success of Pokémon GO, may be a big step in AR becoming mainstream, and the implications for retail are huge. Some brands are already innovating in this space, but it’s hardly commonplace. Yet suddenly it’s not hard to imagine grocery shoppers not only downloading recipes and coupons with their mobile phones, but also “catching” deals virtually from the aisles. Brands and retailers get ready: a world using Augmented Reality is at our doorstep.