Are Your Shoppers Actually Connoisseurs?

Have you noticed that your friends have recently transformed into “experts” on everything? They demand the best in all their purchases, from craft beers to video games and running shoes to food carts. Having an endless supply of information at our fingertips has resulted in everyone becoming “experts on” everything with a minimal time investment. We’re looking to fast-track our way to Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour-Rule. A recent New York Times article explored this phenomenon that has resulted from a simple equation: consumerism plus information equals the rise of the connoisseur.

Consumers, overwhelmed by choice, are looking for the “best” of everything. Time and money constraints have made the traditional road to connoisseurship too difficult for most; however,

a few quick reads on niche blogs or a search on Yelp points them to the best offerings available to them. This research serves as a filter. It offloads the difficult task of decision-making from ourselves to others who have established expertise in their given field.

Retailers from Target to Trader Joe’s are joining the effort to highlight the best for shoppers as well. For example, Target is helping those looking for the best in beauty with an end cap dedicated to award-winning products.

Do you feel that shoppers crave more information and expertise than ever before? How have you allowed your shoppers to act as connoisseurs?

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