Are Tupperware Parties Making a Comeback?

So called ‘Tupperware style’ retail—first popularized in the 1960s at eponymous Tupperware parties—has seen upwards of 27% growth in recent years and is now worth £2.67 billion.

Mainstream brands like The Body Shop are even in the space. The company’s social shopping division—The Body Shop at Home—reported particularly strong performances in 2018, with growth of over 70%.

While dated, the resurgence of this retail model seems obvious as it embodies what shopping culture demands today: a more personalized shopping experience.

While you can get personalized items direct to your door, Tupperware-style retail offers shoppers a more hands on experience with (often passionate) brand ambassadors that turn the common and unsuspecting home into a full retail experience. What could be a stressful shopping experience can become calming and enjoyable when done in the home.

Will this type of shopping experience truly make a comeback? Or will DTC continue to be the place where shopper find the personalization they are looking for?

Contributed By: Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash