Are Black Friday Shoppers Buying In-Store, Online, or Even on Black Friday?

Historically, Black Friday has been a Thanksgiving weekend tradition for many shoppers as they start on their holiday shopping and snag the biggest sales of the season. The question this year is, how many shoppers are going to brick-and-mortar locations versus taking advantage of online shopping and how many are hitting the stores on Thanksgiving instead of waiting until Black Friday?

According to the Business Times, factoids around who is shopping where and when are becoming anything but concrete. Phrases such as “go shopping” and “hitting the stores” are resulting in confusion for shoppers as well asreaders. Accenture reported that on their survey “go shopping on Thanksgiving Day this year,” included anyone who planned on browsing online or in stores on the holiday. With the increasing options of how we go about each step of our purchase process and how we interact with multiple media platforms, brands, and retailers each day, weare continuously blurring the lines of when we are in consumer and shopper mode,even on days notorious for consumer spending power at retail. According to the Integer 2013 Holiday Checkout Issue,18% more of shoppers are using online tools (search engines, eRetailers, and brand websites) this year versus last year.

With sales and deals already in full swing, how are you planning to kick off your holiday shopping?

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