April Fool’s Day: Generating Chuckles and Driving Sales?

With the help of digital media, brands can quickly and effectively capitalize on every holiday, not just the big ones. April Fool’s Day is even creeping into the holiday marketing calendar as brands find fun and creative ways to prank their fans and customers. Adweek recaps some of the pranks from this year including turtle delivery for Legos and DIY cars.

While many of the pranks are just that, a prank, as in not real, these brands’ stunts are capturing eyeballs and, in some cases, driving sales. Redbox, ‘tricked’ shoppers with its Mood Match technology this April Fool’s—the ‘technology’ promises to pair movies selections to your mood. Disappointed shoppers (that didn’t realize it was a prank) could use a promo code on April Fool’s Day only to make up for it.

How do you think brands could use these stunts to more effectively drive short term sales boosts?