Amazon Flow: Making Online Shopping Even Easier

No more misspelled words, faulty autocorrections, or fat-finger problems. Flow, the new update to the Amazon mobile app, takes typing out of the process of searching for online products. Instead, the app uses the smartphone’s camera to scan an item’s shape, size, color, box text, and appearance to identify an exact product match.

Flow is the latest effort by the online giant to challenge the brick-and-mortar channel. Shoppers can use the app at home or in store to easily search products, price compare, create shopping lists, and, possibly, choose to buy online instead of at the store.

This app update, combined with reports of drone delivery and anticipatory shipping, is helping Amazon to turn its greatest weakness into its greatest opportunity. By offering tools that satisfy the need for instant gratification, these ideas increase Amazon’s relevancy in everyday shopping trips. However, with most people buying their CPG products in store, do you think that Flow has enough power to overcome this barrier?

Photo Source: Integer ShopPicTM Library