Alexa Everywhere

Microchip manufacturer Qualcomm has teamed up with Amazon to put its voice assistant, Alexa, into more wireless headphones. Their newly developed chips will make it easy and cost effective for headphone brands to integrate Alexa into their products, allowing customers to use the assistant wherever and whenever they want.

This is just the just latest innovation with Alexa this year—earlier this year, Amazon launched Fire TV Cube, the first streaming device integrating Alexa. This push into headphones gives us a glimpse into Amazon’s direction and our future. As voice is increasingly being adopted by consumers, introducing Alexa across everyday sound devices will create a seamless and ubiquitous service for its users. For brands, this innovation can open up a host of new opportunities to prompt purchase, such as impulse, context, or occasion-based reasons to let Alexa add something to your basket.

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Contributed By: Lukas Quittan, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash