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Alcohol Innovates with eCommerce in Mind

Monday, November 5th, 2018

The world’s first flat wine bottle is here. Garconwines has launched a flat, plastic wine bottle to solve a big issue with home delivery—wine bottles not fitting through the narrow slot in the front door/mailbox. It’s a win win for shoppers, brands and retailers as it holds the same amount of wine as a normal bottle and can be used by producers for their online orders.

Wine isn’t the only one changing the game to reach shoppers. As people in the U.K. are going out less, drinking more at home and are getting used to buying online, alcohol brands are innovating in eCommerce and DTC to ensure seamless delivery and experiences for shoppers. Brands like Whisky-me, which is delivering malts in pouches while Tipplebox delivers everything needed for cocktails to your doorstep. Recognizing the changing needs and offering the right solutions across packaging, price and product can help brands find new commerce opportunities in the unsettled alcohol market and ever changing eCommerce landscape.

Contributed By: Lukas Quittan, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash

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