Affluent Asian Millennials – The Untapped Audience

I just read a research headline by ThinkNow Research, “The Most Affluent Millennial – Asians.” This instantly peaked my interest, mainly because my research rarely focuses on the Asian audience. As marketers, we have been focused on African Americans, Hispanics, Moms and Millennials. According to this research article, Asians were 30% more affluent than the nearest group, non-Hispanic Whites, was more financially conservative and more likely to research deals in advance. It also stated that they were less likely to drink beer, more likely to shop at specialty food stores and more likely to call themselves “Foodies” than their non-Asian age cohorts. These few data points paint a picture of a person that has completely different behavior than the audiences we have been focused on. I think we all should start learning more about this Affluent “Asian” Millennial, so we can figure out how to better reach them and earn their brand loyalty.

Image Source: Think Now Research