Add Bulletproof to the BTS Shopping List

It’s back to school time and that means shoppers will be hitting up retailers, children in tow, looking to check off that long list.

The NRF predicts this year to be a larger spending year than average with most families spending $696.70–up from $684.79 last year. While annual spending tends to ebb and flow from year to year, part of this year’s rise in spending may be attributed to the concern and coverage of mass shootings.

The wave of recent shootings and ongoing remembrance of those from years past sticks with parents, affecting how they not only think about parenting and school but what supplies they buy their kids.

Well, this year, shoppers can now add a bulletproof backpack to their shopping list. Running anywhere from $100 to $500 these backpacks are becoming more mainstream (well as least in the news) and some retailers are reporting selling out.

While this offers shoppers a solution to their concerns, it also raises the question if this is simply praying on the insecurities of worrying parents?

When it comes to addressing BTS shoppers’ needs, is this new add to the list helpful or unethical?

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Director, Insight & Strategy, Integer Denver

Image Source: Unsplash