A Very Amazon Christmas to All

The recent Holiday Shopping issue of the Checkout told us that 26% of Americans planned to do MOST of their holiday shopping online. I, on the other hand, did all my holiday shopping online; from my mobile phone actually. But not only did I shop, I wrapped and shipped all my presents to another city where I like, 41% of Americans1, planned to book travel to. While I certainly qualify as an early adopter of most tech and have been a loyal Amazon Prime member for years, we’ve already seen Americans adopting these behaviors.

Likely, this is fueled by the fact that The Checkout also found that 35% of Americans chose their main holiday retail destination due to EASE versus 10% who were looking for a holiday shopping EXPERIENCE. Seemingly the stampedes for deals and battles at the shelves have lost their luster a bit as we have seen declines in Black Friday shopping the past few years. However, I believe their is still room for improvement, but it raises some interesting questions.

How can etailers bring a little of the Holiday fun to their UX?

How can they improve impulse opportunities which are still a big miss in the eCommerce landscape?