A Seamless Social Commerce Experience

Social media isn’t just for posting vacation pictures or watching cat videos anymore – shoppers are using social media to purchase products directly within the platform while never leaving the app. Social commerce is defined as online retail which uses social networks to drive sales. 

Although researching is the top social commerce activity, Instagram and Snapchat are introducing new social commerce capabilities within their apps that create easy opportunities for shoppers to directly make purchases on their platforms. 

Checkout on Instagram recently launched earlier this year and is currently in a beta program with only a few brands like Adidas and Zara in the US. With Checkout on Instagram, shoppers have the ability to add their credit card information on the app and purchase products directly from brand’s Instagram posts. 

In June, Snapchat launched a similar beta program to Checkout on Instagram – shoppable stories powered by Shopify. Only five influencers and their brands have access to this shop button. Now, Snapchat users can purchase directly on the app and never have to leave the platform. 

Social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat are aiding the shopper journey from gathering inspiration and research to driving conversion. These fluid shopping experiences allow brands to be at multiple touchpoints within the platform and drive impulse purchases. To stand out and drive conversion, brands need to create a seamless shopping experience within social media.

Contributed by: Sela Betz, Account Planner Intern, Integer NYC

Image Source: Pexels