A New Way To Pay

RetailingToday.com has a quick report on the success of Walmart’s Scan & Go service.

According to the report, Scan & Go was introduced in select stores last fall and “the service allows shoppers to use their iPhone as a scanning device with the ability to ‘skip the checkout line’ touted as the key shopper benefit. The intent is for shoppers to scan items as they are put in a bag or cart and then render payment at a self checkout station, avoiding the need to scan items at the self checkout or wait in a regular checkout lane.”

RetailingToday.com goes on to say that “The concept must be attracting some interest as both displays at this store across from Walmart’s home office were nearly out of tear pads with instructions for using the service and reusable bags that sell for $4.”

So that’s either an indicator that the service is attracting a lot of attention from Shoppers, or that the display is attracting little attention from store employees to keep it well stocked. Which do you think it is?