A New Generation of Moms

Get ready! The Millennial generation is taking over as parents. Roughly one in five moms is a Millennial, and nine million of them are raising kids at this very moment. This recent article “8 Things You Need to Know About Millennial Moms” in Pop Sugar highlights eight characteristics of Millennial moms. Below we discuss three of these new Millennial mom traits and share some considerations as they apply to the world of shopping.

They have been shaped by technology.

Millennial moms have been shaped by technology since the day they were born. Internet, iPhones and social media are a regular part of their daily diet. They use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and You Tube and average of 17 hours a week, four more hours each week than the average mom according to a report from Weber Shandwick.

  • The term omnichannel has never been more relevant for a shopper segment. Retailers need to extend beyond their brick and mortar presence and create seamless shopping experiences that incorporate new digital technologies. Brands need to leverage these online channels in authentic ways to cultivate relationships with these millennial mom shoppers so they remain top of mind even when she is not physically standing at the shelf.

They have an extended online village.

It is true that moms as a segment have always wielded a lot of power as the main purchasers for their families. However, this generation’s influence extends far beyond that of their four-walled family home, as roughly 90 percent of them share information about purchases they’ve made and services they’ve used. As well as post requests for recommendations and referrals from their networks.

  • Help facilitate conversation and sharing post purchase. Reward shoppers for their loyalty and ensure customer outreach to sincerely address any problems or negative feedback that arises.

They balance “Mom time” and “Me time.”

This generation doesn’t want to be mom all the time. They place a higher value on having some time for themselves than generations before them.

  • Be empathetic to this busy mom’s desire for a little down time for herself and help her achieve it through efficiencies when shopping – hassle free, one click, order ahead, ship to my door, are just a few examples.

These are just a few thoughts on the unique traits of Millennial moms and how, by understanding them, we can better serve her in her shopping journey. How are you poised to partner with this segment as they enter this new phase of their lives? Are you aligning with the characteristics that will influence their shopping habits? It’s worth investigating, because any brand or retailer that can be a trusted “go-to” during this stressful life stage event is sure to gain loyalty and praise from this vocal group for years to come.

Image Source: Shutterstock