A More Interactive Kiosk

While shopping recently at Best Buy I saw a kiosk for Bose headphones advertising “noise canceling” capabilities. With one week remaining before a vacation involving a long flight, I was intrigued.

Shoppers are instructed to put on a pair of headphones and hit the large, red play button. A video of a pianist begins on the screen. The video asks shoppers to listen to the pianist while a voiceover describes the headphones’ features and benefits. Then, the voiceover asks shoppers to remove the headphones. I was perplexed by this, but complied. Once the headphones were removed, I could hear a loud noise emanating from the large speaker at the top of the kiosk. The noise simulated the constant drone created by an airplane in flight. Putting the headphones back on proved first-hand just how well the “noise canceling” headphones actually worked.

This created a more “real-life” experience that was definitely more powerful than anything the announcer could have said or any message on the display itself. I immediately pulled my wife to the kiosk and played the demonstration for her. Even though we were shopping at Best Buy for different products, we left the store with a pair of Bose headphones – all thanks to a kiosk that was interactive, engaging and overall paid off my involvement with an excellent experience.

Contributed by Hardy Boydston, Integer Dallas