A Cinderella Tale for the Cleaning Category

When you think about influencers, the first things to come to mind probably aren’t “deep cleaning” or sponges selling for thousands on ebay, but that’s the level of power and influence that @MrsHinchHome has captured on Instagram.

A 28-year-old newlywed from Essex, Mrs. Hinch—Sophie Hinchcliffe—decided to start her @MrsHinchHome account in March of this year to highlight the new interior design in her home as well as to share her daily cleaning routine. Through her personal style and relatable commentary, @MrsHinchHome has taken the normally mundane task of everyday household cleaning and turned it into a Cinderella tale.

Her rise to fame has caused cleaning products like Zoflora, Lenor, and Minky cloths to fly off the shelves, and cleaning aisles in U.K. retailers have been left bare after hundreds of thousands of shoppers have done their #hinchhauls.

The authenticity projected through the @MrsHinchHome account creates the kind of influencer magic marketers only dream of. Mrs. Hinch’s genuine support and enthusiasm for these brands has disrupted the category like no sponsored post could manage to do on its own. This example should highlight for brands and retailers that authenticity goes a long way, and simply letting their products speak for themselves does more than paying thousands for mismatched sponsorship deals.

Brands and retailers that support Mrs. Hinch’s quirky love for cleaning find that millions of new consumers fall in love with their products, creating the perfect case for marketers to emulate for success in future influencer and brand collaborations.

In a time when consumers are wary of influencers and their promotions, seeing Mrs. Hinch’s (and her followers), elation at receiving a personalized bottle of Fairy dish liquid is as refreshing as the Airwick air freshener she sprays her kitchen with every night before bed.

Image Source: Mirror.co.UK

Contributed By: Anna Allen, Integer Hamburg