5 Social Trends To Implement in 2020

Because social media constantly changing, it can be hard to decide which trends are worth investing in and which are simply fads that will fade away. For example, Instagram launched only 10 years ago, and people questioned if it would last. Now, the platform boasts over 1 billion monthly active users. 

2020 will be no stranger to the never-ending shift in social trends; we dug into the data to predict which trends will have the greatest social media marketing impact during the upcoming year. 

1. Social Shopping FTW

Shoppers are turning to social now more than ever before, with 57% of online shoppers having purchased a product they heard about on social media. And constant updates to platform functionality allows brands to create frictionless shopping experiences that streamline the buying process. 

Image Source: Instagram

To learn how you can implement social commerce strategy for your brand, check out this presentation from Lindsey Greenblatt, Group Director, Social Media & Content at Integer.

2. TikTok: The New Kid on the Block

Image Source: TikTok

Currently the number-one app in the App Store, TikTok is taking the world by storm. Their massive international footprint boasts over 500 million monthly active users globally. More addictive than Kesha’s 2009 hit of the same name, TikTok reports its users spend an average of 52 minutes a day scrolling through short-form videos. And it’s no longer just for Gen Zers—52% of current users are now ages 25 to 64. With users spending about 5 minutes per session, TikTok is giving other social platforms a run for their money.

Brands can take advantage of being early adopters to this new channel with limited marketing “noise.” For example, the #GuacDance Challenge from Chipotle received 250,000 video submissions and 430 million video views, and it resulted in the biggest Avocado Day in history. 

3. Influencer Marketing Is Here to Stay

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective, and brands are seeing astounding results. The Influencer Marketing 2019 report shows that influencers generate higher engagement rates than brand-produced content (5.7% vs. 2%–3%). And one study found that influencer marketing can help brands earn an ROI 11 times higher than traditional advertising media. 

Brands can work with influencers to connect with their audience in a way that is perceived as more trustworthy, credible and authentic. We predict this trend to continue growing in 2020—the bubble isn’t going to burst yet.

4. AR Goes Mainstream

Snapchat has led the augmented reality charge with their immersive Lens product for years, but now Facebook and Instagram are getting into the game. These social experiences give people the opportunity to interact with brands in ways they haven’t before. They create memorable experiences worth sharing, like this Lens from kombucha brand KeVita.

Image Source: Kevita, Snapchat

We predict that brands will pick up the growing AR trend on social to engage more deeply with potential shoppers in 2020.

5. Community Management Becomes King

Shoppers on social media are looking for more than just customer service from brands. A recent report by Sprout Social discovered that shoppers expect prompt responses when messaging their favorite brands. When they don’t receive a quick response, 1 in 3 shoppers goes to a competitor. 

Image Source: Sprout Social

Communication with followers isn’t a nice-to-have tactic any longer—it’s a necessity that can drive business results. To learn more, read this shopper journey blog post from Cheyenne Lohnman, Social Media Manager at Integer.

Contributed By: Maren Hamilton, Senior Social Media Manager, Integer Denver

Image Source: Unsplash