2020 Digital Commerce Predictions from Women in Digital

TogetherDigital’s National Conference is coming up this September, an event dedicated to accelerating the advancement and growth of women in digital fields. As part of the slate, The Integer Group has been invited to lead the workshop on digital commerce. We’ll be walking through how to create a social strategy that goes beyond engagement and truly drives business results for your brand. 

And this got us thinking about the digital commerce landscape in general heading into 2020. So we turned to four of our female experts to get their take on the top emerging trends.

PREDICTION 1: Retailers Are the New Media Moguls 

“As more consumers shift their shopping behaviors online, we are seeing retailers jump into the media game. Amazon is already the most successful case study, growing a steady and strong media practice both on platform and off. Expect to see more retailers jump into the game of trying to grab shoppers’ attention and sell the service (and even sometimes creative capabilities) to brands.” – Amanda Leavelle, Director of eCommerce

PREDICTION 2: The Lines Between DTC and Retail Continue to Blur

“For 2020, I see the walls between Direct to Consumer vs. retailer continue to come down. There is one connected consumer who does not see brands’ purchasing channel silos. Brands need to be present across all purchasing channels and share data to meet the consumer where they are on their journey, whether that be online or offline, via DTC or retailer.” – Katie McHattie, Director, DTC

PREDICTION 3: UX Design Trends Shift Toward Simplicity

“In 2020, DTC websites will prioritize simplicity and efficiency. We’ll see brands move away from novel or flashy design to get users’ attention and instead follow simple formulaic design patterns as user familiarity and efficiency are the highest priority in a time when most users are browsing or shopping on their mobile devices.” – Jenny DeSouchet, UX Strategist

PREDICTION 4: Social Content that Converts

“Using social to drive commerce is more important than ever as more than half of online shoppers have purchased a product they heard about on social media. This means brands need to shift their thinking from being solely engagement-focused to including commerce-driving strategies. Creating seamless buying experiences for consumers will be a top priority in 2020.” – Maren Hamilton, Senior Social Media Manager

As we continue to explore what’s next in commerce, we’re inspiring other women in digital to do the same. So join us at the TogetherDigital National Conference and let’s predict the future by creating it.

Image Source: Unsplash