2013 Trend Sighting—Interactive Retail

Back in January, we posted about some of the top trends you would see in shopper marketing this year—one of which was interactive retail. Retailers and brands are not only striving to bring fun to the shopping experience through interactive retail but also efficiency. Case in point, the recent installation of Me-Ality (a self-billed “digital sizing station”) in five Bloomingdale’s locations.

These installations aim to solve the chronic shopper problem of finding the right pair of jeans in the right size. I know from experience that trying on jeans is one of the most daunting shopping tasks. It requires the right mindset, knowledge, selection and setting to achieve the goal (buying the perfect pair of jeans). If even one thing goes wrong that can result in a no sale situation (which is not good for retailer or brand). That said, I would take the 10-15 seconds to give Me-Ality a shot. It appears to offer a fast and efficient way to get some knowledge (size and style recommendations) to aid the ever-daunting jean shopping experience.

Have you encountered other examples of interactive retail that have helped make your shopping process easier and more efficient?

Photo source: Mashable.com