2013 Shopper Trends In Light of New Year’s Resolutions and The Fiscal Cliff Scare

Though we have averted the fiscal cliff, I wonder how it will impact shopper trends in 2013. According to BIGInsight’s December 2012 survey, consumer confidence is down month over month (Index of 95) but remains stronger than 2011 (Index 139). Combine that with post-holiday purse tightening and the popular New Year’s resolution to spend less and save more, shoppers may be a harder audience to woo in 2013.

With expenses on the brain, shoppers will be looking for more in 2013—more bang for their buck, more entertainment (online and offline) and basically more of everything. The good news is that brands and retailers are already finding ways to do this via interactive retail, subscriptions and fashionization of their products. Trend Hunter’s 2013 trend video indicates that these retail tactics will continue in 2013 and that we should expect to see more semi-permanent (formerly pop-up) retail stores, vending options, upgrades to the average, and immersive branding this coming year. Though digital is an ever-growing force, it appears that digital and physical POS will continue to work in tandem to bring more to shoppers. Do you think this will be enough to woo shoppers in 2013 given the recent damper on the state of the U.S. economy?