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Inside the in-store experience

The Checkout® represents Integer’s ongoing commitment to understanding global shopper evolution. In our offices around the world, studies are constantly being undertaken to gain a better understanding of regional shoppers and what motivates them.

Integer U.S.


Issue 3.19 – Green

Issue 2.19 – Digital

Issue 1.19 – Health & Wellness

Issue 3.18 – Holiday

Issue 2.18 – Beauty

Issue 1.18 – Back-To-School / Back-To-College

Issue 4.17 – Holiday

Issue 3.17 – Private Label

Issue 2.17 – Back-To-School

Issue 1.17 – Digital

2016 Archive

2015 Archive

2014 Archive

2013 Archive

2012 Archive

2011 Archive

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2007 Archive


Integer Nordic

A collaboration between The Integer Group® and Research Insight Finland

Issue 1.11 – Know The Nordics Whitepaper

Issue 2.12 – The Nordic Issue 1

Issue 3.13 – The Nordic Issue 2

Integer Middle East

A collaboration between The Integer Group® and M/A/R/C Research®


Issue 1.10 – The Middle East Issue

Integer India

A collaboration between The Integer Group® and Ipsos Marketing India


Issue 1.12 – Indian Shoppers

Integer Canada

A collaboration between The Integer Group® and  M/A/R/C Research®


Issue 1.12 – Canadian Shoppers 

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Checkout: Green Issue

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