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About the 2006/07 Shopper Study

Why conduct a Shopper Study?
To advance the dialogue around the conceptual and creative side of in-store marketing. While much has been discussed around how consumers have changed, we have not stepped back to examine how consumerism has changed.

Shopping is both literally and figuratively the dominant piece of America’s cultural landscape. From George Bush urging us to shop as an act of patriotism, to Black Friday, to shopping as recreation, shopping is a fundamental form of expression. It’s time to step back and examine just what shopping says about who we are and why it matters to us.

We recruited 32 “highly involved” shoppers from Orange County, Bronx, Des Moines and Houston. The respondents represented a cross section of lifestyles, economic status, age, gender, and ethnic background.

Qualitative primary research employing: comprehensive shopper workbooks, trip audits, in-home interviews, and shopalongs. We collected over 100 hours of video footage and over 200 pages of shopper artifacts. A new hidden camera technology was also used. A camera is attached to the respondent while he/she conducts her normal trip. Upon returning home, the store footage is played back to the respondent who narrates the footage offering feelings and motivations for the in-store behaviors.

The Study focused on what we called “everyday shopping”: those items that are purchased or replenished at least once a month in Food, Drug, or Mass retail channels.

The Study explored 3 key areas:
1. What is the role shopping plays in our modern lives?
2. What is the relationship Americans have to everyday shopping?
3. Is shopping the new activism?

What role does shopping play in our everyday lives?
Shopping is a hybrid activity that combines task accomplishment and recreation. We call it productive leisure. As marketers, in our desire to quantify and measure in-store communication, we have disassociated shopping from life. We have reduced shopping to a task-based, functionally-driven activity.

Our findings suggest that shopping plays a bigger role in consumers’ lives than we as marketers have given it. Productive Leisure influences our personal identity and how we see the world.

What is the modern relationship we have with shopping?
Our relationship to shopping can be characterized using archetypes: shopping is either a muse or a master.

When shopping is our muse, it is a relationship that inspires and opens us to possibilities. The relationship delivers feelings of creativity and excitement. It is opportunity oriented.

When shopping is our master, it is a relationship that challenges and sharpens our instincts. The relationship delivers feelings of mastery and triumph. It is outcome oriented.


The Study is fully funded by The Integer Group and was conducted with the full support of The In-Store Marketing Institute.

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