The Integer Group occasionally conducts research projects commissioned for our clients or developed for internal learnings. Those are now published here on Shopper Culture as well. Click on one of the links below to download a report.

Omnicom Commerce Group: The Future of Now (2021)

This study examines COVID-19’s impact on the Convenience Store shopper and implications for the channel

Embracing the Machines: Examining 2 Years of AI Growth in Commerce (2020)

To build on the first study (Parts 1-4 below) Part 5 examines how AI has evolved over the years since the first study.

Embracing the Machines: AI’s Collision with Commerce (2017)

  • An extensive study of over 3,600 shoppers in the U.S. about AI and shopping.  
  • Part 1: AI Today
    • A benchmark of where shoppers are in their relationships with AI: their perceptions, attitudes, and current adoption of AI in shopping and what it all means for brands and retailers.
  • Part 2: AI Tomorrow
    • How shoppers expect AI to change within the next five years and even further into the future, how they want to interact with it, what they want it to do for them, how much they’ll let AI do for them, and the implications for brands and retailers. 
  • Part 3: AI by Retailer
    • Insight into the differences in shoppers’ demographics, behaviors and attitudes toward AI based on which primary retailer they shop as well as which retailers are paving the way to make AI mainstream in shopping and what all retailers need to consider as AI collides with shopping. 
  • Part 4: The Economics of AI
    • A look at socioeconomic factors that come into play with AI with regard to attitudes, adoption, concerns, and what could happen once AI becomes mainstream.

Exploring Impulsivity and Online Shopping (2016)

  • Research taps into the mindsets of online grocery shoppers and uncovers many of the triggers that drive their impulse purchases

The Complex Shopper™ II | The Power of Three: The Key to Branding, Selling and Complex Shopping (2014)

  • The second Complex Shopper Research Study (first study released in 2011) examines the nonlinear path of considered purchases and how it is impacted by sales associates. We took our combined learnings and uncovered three key points of tensions for shoppers — Complex Moments of Truth, when a considered purchase shopper may disconnect from the brand, the store and the buy.
  • Research and perspective on the Chinese Shopper

North America Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council: Untangling The Social Web (2012-2014)

The Complex Shopper™ Revealing the motivations that drive considered purchase decisions (2011)

Tales From Russia: Home and Personal Care (2011)

  • Ethnographic research in Russia that sheds light on home and personal care shoppers

SSA Convenience-Store Safety Report (2010)

  • What you need to know to tackle convenience stores

NACS/Coca-Cola Study: Shopper Forward – Using Simplicity and Ease to Meet Shoppers’ Needs (2010)

NACS/Coca-Cola Study: Emerging Opportunities in Convenience Retail (2008)

Women and Consumer Electronics: A Love Story (2007)

Shopper Study (2006/2007)