Here are many of the presentations The Integer Group prepares for conferences, expos, summits, etc., in the industry. To download, select one of the links below:

For more information on any of our presentations you can reach us at [email protected]

May 2021 Infutor Podcast: Discussing the Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Behavior and Retail

January 2021Retail Innovation Week: Re-imagining The Customer Experience: From In-store to In-home and back again

September 2020DataRobot: Customizing AI Tools to Accelerate Marketing Operations

June 2020Retail + Real Talk Webinar: Evolving Brands and Stores for the Future

December 2019Digital Summit Series: Search Science and the Consumer Journey

September 2019 – Together Digital National Conference: From Comments to Commerce_Worksheet

July 2019—
Digital Summit: Social Commerce | Likes, Share, C…an we stop talking about social engagement and focus on social commerce

June 2019 — Salsify Summit: 4 Solutions for Today’s Biggest eCommerce Challenges

April 2019 – Voice of CX Podcast: The Secret to C-Suite Centricity

February 2019 – Salsify Digital Growth Webinar: Maximizing Your Amazon Advertising Investment with Demand Side Platform

October 2018 – Service Design Week CX Presentation

October 2018 – P2Pi Expo AI Presentation

March 2018 – P2Pi Shopper Marketing Summit | Second Self: How e-Me is Influencing Preference

December 2017 – Optimizing for Voice Search

November 2017 – 7 Analytic Tips to Optimize Your Product Page Performance

September 2017 – Advertising Week: AI Panel

July 2016 – Omnishopper: Better Briefs Better Work

June 2016 – P2Pi League of Leaders: Don’t Just Capture Impulse in Ecommerce: Replace it

May 2016 – Snacks & Sweets Expo: Understanding Unplanned Purchases in the  Online World

March 2016 – P2P Shopper Marketing Summit:

March 2015Shopper Marketing Summit:  Trip Types: A Shopper-Centric Perspective

October 2014Shopper Marketing Conference and Expo: The Key to Branding, Selling and Considered Purchase Shopping

September 2014Expo East: The Truth About The Health & Wellness Shopper

June 2014HBA: Triggers Points: Unlocking Opportunities That Emerge When Consumers Become Shoppers

June 2014FMI: Untangling the Social Web Part 8

March 2014SXSWi: #waveharder, Gesture Controlled Retail Experiences

February 2014ECRM: Winning with Mom During Back-to-School

February 2014Changing Nature of Impulse

November 2013Nordic Shopper Issue 2 2013

November 2013Ensemble Learning Lab: Turning Shoppers Into Buyers

August 2013Hispanic Retail 360 Summit: Hispanic Shopper Understanding What Makes Them Different

June 2013HBA Emotional Shopper Journey

May 2013NCA Snacks and Sweets Expo: Driving Shopper Engagement Through Cross Merchandising

April 2013P2P Institute Shopper Marketing Summit: Shoppers Around the Globe: The Impact of Culture and Context

February 2013Digital Sign Expo: Cultivating Connections with Today’s Omnichannel Shopper

February 2013Digital Sign Expo: Digital Out of Home (DOOH) And the Changing Media Landscape: The Ad Agency Perspective for Success

February 2013P2P Institute: Shopping Perspectives on Health and Wellness

February 2013POPAI: Shopper Pulse

2012 Nordic Shopper Profiles Issue 1 2012

July 2012IIR Shopper Insights In Action: The Emotional Shopper Journey: How Research on Shoppers’ Feelings Enables You to Understand and Influence Their Behavior

March 2012 P2P Institute: Are We Still Shopping Smart Post-Recession?

September 2011PMA: Dating the Mobile Shopper

May 2011Planningness: How to Market to Primates in a Complex World

April 2011PMA New Hispanic Shopper: How This audience’s Path to Purchase is Evolving 

October 2010Driving Impulse Sales With Innovatively Themed Displays 

October 2010ISMI Expo: Tenets of Shopper Marketing

May 2010FMI: Marketing To The Evolving Shopper

March 2010PMA BLUR – Beyond Mom

March 2010PMA BLUR – The Meeting of Retail and Digital

October 2009Spark 7, Dublin, Ireland – Turning Shoppers Into Buyers

October 2009In-Store Marketing Expo, Navy Pier, Chicago – The Changing World of Shopping Behavior

May 2009PMA Shopper Marketing Conference, Dallas – Insight Into Action

April 2009In-store Marketing Summit, Chicago: Digitail™ – The Convergence of the Digital and Retail Space,The Effect Promotions have on Shopper Behavior

November 2008In-store Marketing Institute Expo, Las Vegas: NACS – Redefining the C-store: Moving from functional convenience stores to creating convenience stores