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The Integer Group® occasionally publishes some thoughts and points on how to tackle business problems in the world of commerce.

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October 2019        4 Research Methods to Improve Your DTC Website

Explore how to use quantitative and qualitative user-experience research to better understand the behaviors and intentions of your online shoppers, as well as how to improve the way they experience your brand online.

September 2019   Stop! Are You Ready to Personalize? Master the 3 Keys to Personalization

Explore the three keys necessary to unlock successful personalization throughout the DTC shopper journey.

July 2019                 Selecting an eCommerce Platform for a DTC Site

Learn how do you choose the right platform and what considerations must be weighed and prioritized

June 2019                4 Steps For A Full-Funnel Prime Day Ad Strategy

Amazon Prime Day has become one of the biggest retail events of the year and brand and seller participation is now table stakes. This white paper outlines how to maximize your advantage on Prime Day by using Amazon Advertising to capture customers everywhere during their experience.

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COVID-19: Retail Impact

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