Technology & Innovation

We apply human-centered design thinking to leverage new and emerging technologies, platforms and software. Our experts ideate, prototype, test and scale innovations that shape original commerce experiences.

Technology & Innovation Capabilities

White Space Mapping

We identify and illuminate key intersections of trends and commerce dynamics affecting marketplace ecosystems. Through a series of workshops designed to help individuals increase their knowledge of relevant context, external developments, and changes impacting their markets, we help clients discover new and open territories to claim and capture.

Retail Technology Fit & Integration

We manage the design of front-end and back-end systems that optimize customer and staff experiences and leverage the latest in Omnichannel technology to propel retailers and retail environments forward. As advocates of Agile, DevOps and open-source, we are independent of technology vendors, ensuring our solutions are neutral and client-centered.

Service Design Prototyping

We develop innovative prototypes for value testing and assessment by combining research, behavioral change frameworks and service design models to build better, faster and more efficient customer experiences.

We look beyond just what is happening in culture, technology and innovation. We explore the possibilities that feel out of reach.

Terry Logan

EVP, Experience Strategy + Planning