eCommerce & Social Commerce

Our eCommerce programs support and enhance the fundamentals of online shopping throughout the entire eCommerce ecosystem. We look at segment and product as defining factors, while tying all efforts strategically to the business objective and shopper behavior. Everything we do must lead to and support active growth and accelerate transaction. This focus has made us one of the early Amazon Trusted Creative Partners, a preferred Salsify partner and key member of Omnicom’s DTC360™ Group.

eCommerce Capabilities

Digital Shelf

It’s all about accelerating product discovery and maximizing conversion at eRetail. In answer, we provide best-in-class basic and enhanced/A+ content that’s optimized to make product pages stand out on the digital shelf.

Direct to Consumer

Whether trying to launch a new Direct to Consumer business or scale an existing offering, the DTC space can be complex to navigate. So, we created DTC360TM – an Omnicom joint venture that brings the best talent from across the network together. This way, you get access to a full ecosystem of DTC expertise, including go-to-market strategy, organizational design, branding and activation, web design, tech consultancy, performance media and ongoing optimization. In other words, an entire network of strengths focused on innovation and growth transformation. 

Social Commerce

Simply put, we create content that converts. By creating social media strategies that maximize the engagement and transactional potential of each social platform, we turn social presence into shoppable content with our fast track content-maker teams.


Through acquisition strategy, tech consultancy, maximizing the lifetime value of their customer database and ongoing optimization, we develop CRM programs that drive engagement, advocacy and repurchase.


Driving qualified traffic to digital properties – that’s the goal. Through smart search strategies and ongoing maintenance, we ensure SEO and SEM goals are achieved through better user experience and positive brand performance across search engine and eRetail ecosystems.

At its core, social is all about being fresh, innovative and fostering growth—which is why our team thinks beyond the brief to find strategic opportunities where our clients can win in the social space.

Taylor Castelo Branco

Social Media Manager

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